You deserve a vibrant and active life

Perfect Balance Studio is an oasis where you can experience Pilates and complementary healing modalities to help you…

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Enjoy life with less pain & more ease

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Feel stronger & improve your energy

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Recover from injury and surgery faster

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Build confidence in sports performance

Pilates & Classes

Students love their experience at Perfect Balance-
motivating sessions & classes that leave you feeling a deeper connection to your personal strength and ability.

Private sessions are tailored specifically for you. Our group classes are smaller and more attentive to each person attending.

Healing Modalities

Get back your active life & experience more ease.

Bodywork & energy healing modalities are proven and effective forms of complementary health care. Our certified and licensed practitioners have over 50 years of collective experience guiding clients. Relieve aches and pains such as headaches, muscular pain and restrictions, as well as stress and immune problems.

"When I first met Susan, I thought working with her was only about exercising and Pilates.  I overlooked the fact that I had some very annoying back problems as well.  But Susan didn’t overlook them, and with our sessions she helped me feel better and stronger.  I’ve been with Susan and the studio for many years now and above all, it’s been a joy to be here and I feel I’m in better shape than I ever was." - JoAnn B.

New to Perfect Balance Studio?


3 Private Pilates sessions

This is a perfect starting point if you have never taken Pilates classes or training before or if you’re new to our studio. Individual attention / Tailored to your personal goals. Click the button below to inquire.


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3 Private + 3 Group Class sessions

Perfect for beginners who want to take group classes. Jumpstart your Pilates experience with 3 private sessions / Feel confident and prepared to safely transition to a group class. Click the button below to inquire.


(save $60)

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“I love the vibe at Perfect Balance Studio!  It feels calm and zen-like which really helps me shift my focus and feel comfortable.  The instructors I’ve worked with are completely focused on me and begin each session asking me what my greatest need is right now.  I love that!  I look forward to every time I go there”  - Tom H.