Energy Medicine Healing

Energy Medicine healing is featured in the article Energy Medicine for Health and Well-Being, written by Karin Ogren, for Body Sense Magazine.  I felt she explained energy healing so well that I wanted to share it with my friends at Perfect Balance Healing Arts Studio (see below).  I can remember from my personal experience receiving Jin Shin Jyutsu for the first time.  I immediately loved the calm, nurturing quality of the session and how balanced and grounded I felt afterward.  It soothed not only my body and mind, but also my soul.  I loved it so much, I decided to study Jin Shin Jyutsu when my friend and practitioner invited me to join her at a 5 day class.  After that class, I was hooked!  Many classes and certifications later, I love being able to offer Jin Shin Jyutsu and also share the self-help.

Here is the opening of the article- I hope you enjoy it!

‘Each one of us is a dynamic and beautiful tapestry of interwoven energy. This energy flows through and around our bodies, impacting our health and well-being, as well as connecting us to all of life. It goes by varying names such as Life Source, prana, chi, Higher Power, or Universal Energy. This is a basic tenet of all energy medicine modalities, whether Healing Touch, medical qigong, reiki, polarity therapy, Zero Balancing, or others.’

To read the full article scroll to page 11 of Body Sense Magazine  here.