Pilates Heals

Pilates Heals

Hello friends!  I wanted to share with you my Pilates Heals story…

In a freak accident, at age 5 my right femur was broken with a baseball bat.  Sounds crazy, I know…  It truly was an accident.  It seemed back then that I healed from the injury and went on to live a normal life.  But, when I was in my mid-twenties I began having a lot of trouble walking.  Pain would seize my hip and I would be limping to compensate.  It became really hard to get around.  I managed somehow but it worsened over a few years time.  It became so unbearable, and it began to move to my back and my leg.  I knew I needed to do something!

I started on a healing journey.  I had already tried chiropractic and acupuncture.  Both were very helpful yet not long lasting.  Then I found Pilates.  In just a few private sessions I could tell we were on the right path.  I could tell that Pilates heals.  Many times, at the end of a Pilates session I would stand and notice a strange feeling of being more upright and more evenness in how I aligned my body.  I say ‘strange’ feeling because it was not familiar to my system.  I came to realize that after the freak accident at age 5, my traumatic injury was healed, but I wasn’t truly restored to be whole.

The injury had left me with a significant difference in one leg.  At the time I didn’t understand, but now I know I was never standing evenly ever since.  I certainly wasn’t walking evenly either!  So after about 15-20 years of being in the state of un-evenness, a state of imbalance in alignment, my body was feeling the ‘wear and tear’ of it.  It took me a while to make these connections to the old injury from so long ago.

Pilates was such a relief for me.  Much more than just a workout, Pilates helped me understand my body, to re-train my nervous system, muscles and joints to work more efficiently.  Pilates allowed me to strengthen areas I had no idea were weak.  The best part is that Pilates allowed me to move pain free.